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Jets for Filming

Jets for Filming

Boeing 737 Cabin & Cockpit

Welcome to our Boeing 737 Cabin & Cockpit standing set at The Villa Serena, an authentic representation of commercial air travel designed to elevate your film production. This meticulously assembled set features:

  • Cockpit Detail: A fully equipped cockpit that captures the intricate controls and layout of a Boeing 737.
  • Business and Coach Sections: Business class boasts 10 seats across 3 rows, while the coach section accommodates 46 seats in 8 rows, replicating the true commercial flight experience.
  • Amenities: Includes two lavatories and a galley, enhancing the set's realism and functionality for a wide range of scenes.
  • Lighting and Climate Control: Fully pre-lit to mimic aircraft lighting conditions, complete with adjustable heating and cooling for crew and cast comfort.

Originating from actual flying aircraft, the fuselage sections of our 737 set were carefully reassembled to create what is arguably one of the most authentic and best-equipped jet standing sets available for film and television productions.

Passenger Jet Virtual Tour

external view of the 737 fuselage
737 Fuselage complete with Cockpit, First Class and Coach Seating. Interior also has a Galley and 2 Lavatories.
business class section of the 737 film set
737 First Class or Business Class seating. Usually configured with 3 rows of seating with a total of 10 seats. We have 2 more seats available to install as needed.
Daylight view of the cockpit
Daylight view of the cockpit.
view of the pre-lit cockpit at night
Our 737 standing set has the cockpit of a 727, which is much larger than the original 737 cockpit. Cockpit instruments are mostly lit and have many switches that turn on and off lights.
737 coach class seating
737 coach class seating. There are 8 rows with a total of 46 coach seats.
full length view of the jet isle looking from the rear section through the coach and first class sections and can see the cockpit too
Looking forward from the rear of the plane. You can see down the isle the coach and first class sections and then on to the cockpit.
Rear lavatory doors
Rear lavatory doors
Three views of the rear lavatory
Three views of the rear lavatory.
aft lavatory sink
This is the aft lavatory sink. There is running water available in this sink if needed.
Demo life jacket
Demo life jacket prop on set for your use.
Jet service cart
Jet service cart on set for your use.

When it comes to filming scenes involving aircraft, filmmakers have two main options: utilizing a standing set or filming at an actual airport. Each approach has its own unique benefits and considerations. Let's explore them in more detail:

  • Versatility and Control: Standing set aircraft offer a high degree of versatility and control over the filming environment. These sets are purpose-built to replicate the interior and exterior of an aircraft, allowing filmmakers to create the desired scenes without the limitations of a real airport. With a standing set, you have the flexibility to customize and manipulate various elements, such as lighting, camera angles, and set design, to meet the specific requirements of your project.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Renting and utilizing a standing set aircraft can be a cost-effective alternative to filming at an airport. Airport filming often involves obtaining permits, coordinating with airport authorities, and dealing with logistical challenges, which can add significant costs to the production budget. In contrast, standing sets provide a controlled environment that eliminates the need for location fees and the complexities associated with airport regulations.
  • Time Efficiency: Setting up and executing shots on a standing set aircraft can be more time-efficient compared to airport filming. With a standing set, filmmakers have exclusive access to the set for the duration of their shoot, without being constrained by airport schedules or interruptions from regular airport operations. This allows for greater flexibility in planning and executing scenes, potentially saving valuable production time.
  • Authenticity and Realism: While standing set aircraft can offer a high level of authenticity, it is important to consider that they are simulated environments. The level of realism may vary depending on the quality of the standing set and the attention to detail in its construction. Filming at an actual airport provides the advantage of capturing the genuine atmosphere, visuals, and background activity that can enhance the realism of the scenes.
  • Logistical Challenges: Filming at an airport involves navigating through various logistical challenges. These may include security clearances, limited access to specific areas, noise restrictions, and coordination with airport personnel. Additionally, airport filming requires adherence to strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of the cast, crew, and passengers.
  • Production interruptions: Airports are bustling environments with constant activity, including passenger traffic, flight operations, and security procedures. This can lead to production interruptions, noise challenges, and limited access to certain areas. On a standing set, you have more control over the shooting environment, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smoother production.

Ultimately, the decision between using a standing set or filming at an airport depends on the specific requirements, budget, and creative vision of the project. Our standing set aircraft offer greater control, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, while airport filming provides an authentic backdrop and atmosphere. Careful consideration of these factors will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your artistic vision and production needs.

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