Restaurant, Bar & Café Set

Restaurant, Bar & Café Set

Bar & Restaurant

The bar has a granite top. Has a front bar and a back bar with many prop bottles on the shelves above the back bar.
The restaurant has bar height and regular height tables for 4. Can seat 15 to 20 plus the stools at the bar. We have red tablecloths and gold tablecloths available
There is a 150 bottle wine rack in the bar and a pay telephone around the corner heading to the ladies room.
Notice the wide slate blinds between rooms. These window openings do NOT have glass panes. This is a great opportunity for dramatic lighting and to get reverse camera angles.
There are plenty of serving accessories for you to utilize. Serving trays, working cash register, assorted glasses ( wine, champagne, margarita, shot glasses and for water) and many other little necessities.
Overview of the bar area. 10 barstools, seating for 15-20 at tables, 5000K lighting, back bar RGB accent lights and many restauant accessories to help make your set designer happy!
View from the side entrance to the bar area. Notice the undercount RGB led lights. The living room in the background easily converts to more restaurant seating.
View of the serving front bar with rubber bar glass drip mats, bottle openers, table sweeter containers, drink shakers and more.

Ladies Room

The side entrance has the ladies room and the payphone. Here you can also see the hanging glass racks above the bar top.
The ladies room has two working sinks and a working toilet. Use as a set or for a crew toilet. We generally suggest bring in honey wagons when you cast and crew approaches 20 or so.
Reverse view of the ladies room. Notice the wall accent lighting and the ceiling has 5000K LED recessed lights too.

Outdoor Café

There are several small café table and chairs set-ups and a few umbrella stands.
Beautiful rock wall borders the Café space.
The outdoor Café has string lights with dimmable, warm Edison bulbs. Outdoor bar is on wheels and there's plenty of greenery to utilize.
Another view of the Café from above. There are several small café table and chairs set-ups and a few umbrella stands.

Home Bar

This is our small home bar top. It too is on wheels and can be set most anywhere you need.
Another view of the home bar. Also available is the piano in the background. Piano is on wheels and is easy to move around as needed. We don't have it tuned very often, but you are welcome to have it tuned as needed!

Bar & Restaurant Floorplan