Police Interrogation Room Set

Police Interrogation Room Set

A police interview / interrogation room standing set for filming location. The interrogation room is complete with a viewing room with one-way glass.

Police Interrogation Room Set

Police interrogation with 4 steel chairs, 31 x 63 silver metal table, 21 x 32 guard table, viewing mirror, hanging lamp and more. Adjacient set is the Bullpen office with 7 tanker desks.
Police station hallway leading to the interview room
Looking through the one way glass at the police interview room. Glass panel is removable to more production camera access.
Looking towards the exit and the one way glass from inside the police interrogation room

Bullpen Office

Office with 7 Tanker Desks, dropped grid ceiling with 5000K flicker free dimmable ceiling lights.
Rear view of bullpen office with tanker desks and a water cooler.

Storage Room

Interrogation Room Floorplan


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