Family Court Set

Family Court Set

The most affordable small courtroom filming location in Los Angeles. Great for Family Court, Minor Crimes, Civil Cases and Search Warrant Requests. Our courtroom standing set is mostly pre-lit and included with any main house rental. Call today to schedule a tour of the best courtroom set rental.

courtroom overview picture
Courtroom overview from back of the room
courtroom judges bench
Close up view of the Judges Bench
courtroom view from the bench
View from the judges bench
view from the judges bench
Alternate view from the judges bench which includes the courtroom entry door
courtroom witness stand filming location
Courtroom witness stand
camera view from the witness stand filming location
Camera view from the witness stand with attorneys tables and courtroom gallery seating.
view of the door to the judges chambers i our filming location
Door to judges chambers leads only to a short hall from which a judge can enter the court
artwork of the courtroom
Courtroom sample artwork. Featuring George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Franklin and more American historic leaders.

Courtroom Virtual Tour

View the Courtroom 360 virtual tour. A standing set at The Villa Serena.

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This is a "ready to shoot" standing set at The Villa Serena.

When you need to film in a courtroom, ours is the best available. The courtoom's interior is tastefully pre-lit and is ready at a flick of a switch.

  • More about the Courtroom standing set
  • Approximately 16 wide by 32 depth
  • Judges bench is easily removable to reset as an office or a church.
  • Great for minor crimes, civil cases and search warrant requests
  • Great Family Court Set filming location in Los Angeles
Courtroom Floorplan