Bell JetRanger Helicopter Filming Set

Bell JetRanger Helicopter Filming Set

Bell JetRanger Helicopter Filming Set in Los Angeles

From classic films to contemporary cinema, the Bell JetRanger continues to be a go-to helicopter for filmmakers. Its legacy lives on as it continues to make appearances on the big screen, emblematic of both airborne elegance and high-stakes adventure.

The Villa Serena Filming Location offers a detailed Bell JetRanger helicopter fuselage as a standing set for film, TV, and commercial productions in Los Angeles. This non-flying model features a genuine helicopter environment, with five true-to-life passenger seats and a pilot’s yoke, serving as a versatile backdrop for a variety of production needs. Positioned for optimal use with green screens, the set facilitates the creation of realistic aerial and cockpit scenes without the complexities of filming with an operational helicopter.

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JetRanger Helicopter

helicopter fuselage on wite background
helicopter on a trailer
Helicopter in front of a green screen
Not our helicopter, but shows what can be done with our helicopter in front of a green screen.