Parking Lot for Filming

Parking Lot for Filming

Our parking lots are included with no additional charge as basecamp, crew parking and for filming when you book a shoot at The Villa Serena, and they're also available as standalone filming locations.

Our parking lots are large enough to comfortably accommodate around 60 cars, as well as several production trailers, making them the perfect location to set up your base camp and keep all your equipment and crew close by. They are also lit at night with street lights that can be individually controlled, giving you the ability to create the perfect lighting for your shots.

Whether you're looking to film a lone car under a light or a busy parking lot scene, our lots are the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more and book your shoot at The Villa Serena's parking lots.

Parking Lot at Day

Parking Lot at Night

Parking lot at night watered down for that "just after rain" look

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