Affordable Small Courtroom Filming Location Now Available in Los Angeles

Now at The Villa Serena

Los Angeles, CA - Sept 9, 2021The Villa Serena is pleased to announce our new fully-equipped small courtroom standing set, perfect for a range of film and television projects. Located in Los Angeles CA, this standing set is ideal for Family Court, Minor Crimes, Civil Cases, and Search Warrant Requests.

Our standing set is mostly pre-lit and comes included with any main house rental, making it a cost-effective choice for filmmakers on a budget. The set includes all the necessary furnishings and props to create a realistic courtroom atmosphere, including a judge's bench, witness stand, and seating for attorneys and spectators. With its authentic design and attention to detail, our courtroom set offers a realistic and professional setting for any legal or courtroom-themed project.

"We are excited to offer this affordable and convenient option for filmmakers in the Los Angeles area," said Steve Wagner, Manager at The Villa Serena. "Our standing set provides a realistic and cost-effective solution for those in need of a courtroom setting for their projects."

The Villa Serena is committed to providing high-quality resources for the film industry, and this small courtroom standing set is just one of many sets available for rental.

For more information or to book a rental, please visit our website at or contact contact Steve at (818) 641-7001.

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